Please note that my rates will vary depending on the situation and I am always willing to negotiate.  The following is simply a guideline.

I am an independent contractor; you are not required to withhold any taxes or pay me any benefits.  Normally I will bill you on a monthly basis and ask that I be paid within 15 days.  I am completely fair and will only charge you for the time in which I am actually working on your project or task.  I believe in offering only quality work and I guarantee your satisfaction.

Bookkeeping: $35 - $40 per hour. (I am currently only accepting new Bookkeeping clients.  Currently my rates for bookkeeping are at $40 per hour, although I am willing to negotiate depending on the situation.) 
Legal Secretarial & Word Processing: $30 - $35 per hour.
General Typing (manuscripts, etc.): $30 per hour (or $2.50 per page)
Writing, including Copywriting and Résumés: $50-60 per hour
Desktop Publishing and Web Design: $50-60 per hour
Computer Troubleshooting & Support $50-60 per hour